Chapter 15. Interviewing Instantly over the Internet

Here's how to rev up your own personal job search engine to run 24/7:

Prospect online. Automatically. Even while you sleep!

Outing the Offerors

It's a lot like looking for a date. You'll attract two types of suitors:


There are tons of great offerors in your community that only show up online. They do this because it's cheap and it looks efficient. They frequently offer jobs to consider even if they (say they) pay less than you're asking. (There's no law against considering. I do it considerably.)

Locate them online. I'll tell you how shortly. Pursue them like an Internet stalker. These are hot leads because they live where you live. You know their customers. You know their territory. You don't have to relocate.

When you appear like a genie (Do 1), you'll be offered far more because you're far better than they imagined.

And then their imaginations go wild!


You might know someone who met her dream lover through an online dating service. Then left her old life behind and moved away with him. It happens with dream jobs, too. Actually, more often.

There's literally a working world of opportunity out there.

Relocating is fine with employers—until you bring up reimbursement of moving expenses. Meet, then retreat if necessary. Maybe you'll be willing to invest in the opportunity. Lots of employers don't reject out-of-town candidates. Their attitude is "show up and let's talk." (We'll discuss how to get reimbursed for a scouting ...

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