Chapter 42. Increasing Your Interviewing Instincts

What if we could just heighten your senses so you'd just pick the best offerors, and close them on the spot? That'd be off the charts! It's all about instinct. That elusive sixth sense that makes our pets so much smarter than us mere mortals.

Dogs don't clog up their thought process with yesterday's history or tomorrow's mystery. You come home, they wag. You bug them, they growl. Someone knocks, they bark. You eat, and they're focused like a laser on your food.

This is because they don't read, write, or talk. They don't get confused. They live in the moment.

They pounce. With every ounce.

Let's see how we can awaken your instinct too.

Think from Digital to Analog

Forget yes-no, on-off, go-stop. That's digital decision-making. The world of work isn't digital. It's analog. It zigzags.

Have you ever instinctively had a hunch you'd get a job if you just interviewed with a certain business? Even if it wasn't hiring? You were right.

If you'd have just followed your instincts and instantly interviewed with them by appearing like a genie (Do 1), you'd be working there. You could do it now, in fact. You'll see you were right. Magic, huh?

Why am I so sure? Because in that situation, you're not operating digitally. You're an analog animal—all over the place, factoring in all the variables in that supercomputer between your ears.

That's why humans succeed and computers short out. We have a sixth sense in our mind that processes all of our sensory input. ...

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