Chapter 95. Making a Maven an Interview Mentor

Mentoring is one of those words like networking. Nobody quite knows what it means.

Except us. We know, because we just decide! A confused mind does nothing.

So here's our definition:

Somebody impressive who gets you more interviews faster than anyone else.

Here's how to make a maven a mentor.

Make a List of Maven Maybementors by Category

Just write down the name, phone number, fax number, and e-mail address of each. Prioritize the list with the most impressive, connected, and compulsive person (a major maybementor) first, then in decreasing order.

Break it down by category like this:

Former Supervisors

It doesn't matter whether the supervisor knew you that well or even liked you. Mentors act out of a desire to achieve a goal. In this case, getting you interviews.


Friends are included here, but you can include someone you met just once—perhaps at a family gathering or on a plane during an instant (Do 38).

Friends of Friends

This is a huge population of maybementors that you don't even know exist. Your friends do, though. So ask around. Press hard for this. All the maybementors can do is say, "No."

Famous People

Perhaps someone who spoke at a convention you attended. Or a local politician. How about someone who writes a newspaper column? A community activist?

This is not about supercharging your sphere of influence (Do 84). It's about divining that one person whose mission in life is "You interviewing!"

Call the Maybementor

Write a little ...

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