Chapter 99. Jolting Overworked Offerors

There are 20 jobjungle jolts we've developed to get you offers from the most likely offerors—those too overworked to even talk!

Use one or more of them whenever you want to shock offerors into action.

Dressing Up

Looking powerful is a huge jolt after you arrange an interview with a professional offeror. Perhaps one missed in your genie appearance (Do 1).

Let's say it's a law office. A dark blue suit, white shirt, and striped tie is the uniform. Even if you're applying for a nonlawyer job, lawyers will identify with you. That's the way interviews happen.

In all interview situations, you can always dress down. But if you walk in with no tie or jacket, it's over.

I use suits for high impact by removing my jacket, rolling up my starched white shirtsleeves, and sometimes even removing my tie.

The animation and the control are incredibly powerful. What traditional jobseekers would even dare?

Women can remove a suit jacket with just as much effect.

As any successful actor will tell you, "Look the part, and the part plays itself!"

Announcing No Phones

When you finish the Magic Four Hello (Do 1), ask the offeror, "Would you mind holding your calls and turning off your cell phone? I'd like to speak with you a few minutes without interruption" (Do 43).

Who says that? People with power.

You're saying, "It's important!" "Listen up!" "Pay attention!" "Interview me!" "Now!"

Then, shut the door and sit down.

Of course, you don't carry your own cell phone on any instant ...

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