Note: Page numbers followed by f indicate figures and t indicate tables.


AA2024 alloy 25
Abdelmalek, F. 616
Abdullayev, E. 299–300
Absorption 615f
Absorption switching 478f
Accelerated salt immersion corrosion test 509–512, 525–526
Accelerated weathering 389–396
Acidic pickling surface modification 549f, 551f
Acrylic latex pilot plant 
agitation system in 359t
charging process 358
impeller selection 360t
mixing engineering parameters 360t
setup 359
Active agents 318–321
Active feedback 287–288, 301
Active-passive dissolution 5f
applications of 337
definition of 337
overview of 337
Adhesion 378–379
Agitation system 359t
Air atmosphere 375
Air plasma spraying (APS) 45
Aircraft, corrosion in 603–604, 622–623, 624–625

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