Chapter 11. Submitting to the App Store

In this chapter, you will learn how to submit an app to the App Store. You will also learn how to use iTunes Connect, Apple’s App Store management software (Figure 11-1). These lessons will give you the skills to submit your apps to the App Store. This chapter will walk you through iTunes Connect, so have your Mac nearby.


This app will be submitted to the App Store for educational purposes only. It is not possible to guarantee approval into the App Store. Be sure to use a unique app name and bundle ID while submitting this app.

iTunes Connect
Figure 11-1. iTunes Connect

iTunes Connect is a website used to manage apps for the App Store. This is where all marketing, reporting, and contract details are entered. You can log in to iTunes Connect using your Apple Developer ID at iTunes Connect offers a companion app called iTunes Connect Mobile available on the App Store.

Agreements, Tax, and Banking

Before an app can be submitted to the App Store, you must first complete the “Agreements, Tax, and Banking” section (Figure 11-2). This section manages the contracts between Apple and the developer. It records the developer’s banking information for payment.

Agreements, Tax, and Banking
Figure 11-2. Agreements, Tax, and Banking

By default, the iOS Developer Program ...

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