Chapter 7. Working with 3D Scan Data

Every Mudbox sculpture starts out as a polygon mesh. You could start with one of the 10 provided with Mudbox—for example, the sphere that you sculpted into the egg in Chapter 1, "Getting Your Feet in the Mud: The Basics of the Mudbox Production Pipeline." The sculpture could also start out as a full mesh modeled in a 3D application such as Maya, 3ds Max, Softimage, or Modo. An example of this is the model of Bertie that you worked on in Chapter 3, "Detail-Sculpting an Imported Model," and Chapter 4, "Painting and Texturing an Imported Model." Bertie was modeled, rigged, and posed in Maya and brought into Mudbox for detail sculpting and painting. You could start with a downloaded base mesh from the Mudbox Community ...

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