F. Answers to Quiz Questions

Chapter 1: Presenting Android

1. Android Open Source Project

2. True

3. Android, Inc.

4. G1 was the name. HTC was the manufacturer. T-Mobile was the carrier.

5. Fire OS

Chapter 2: Setting Up for Development

1. Version 7

2. Unknown sources

3. USB debugging

4. android.jar

5. junit.*

6. Google Mobile Ads SDK

Chapter 3: Creating Your First Application

1. The e means ERROR, w means WARN, i means INFO, v means VERBOSE, and d means DEBUG.

2. Step into is F7. Step over is F8. Step out is Shift+F8.

3. Ctrl+Alt+O on Windows and ^+Option+O on a Mac.

4. Clicking on the far-left column of the intended line of code or pressing Ctrl+F8 on Windows and Command+F8 on a Mac.

5. Go to Settings, Developer Options, and under Debugging ...

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