Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Context and Issues

1.1. The ARA program – a brief historical overview

1.2. The scientific and cultural heritage of the ARA program

1.3. The working process

1.4. Knowledge engineering in the service of the ARA program

1.5. The digital environment and the working process

1.6. Analyzing an audiovisual corpus using ASW Studio


Chapter 2: The Segmentation Workshop for Audiovisual Resources

2.1. Introduction

2.2. Segmentation of audiovisual corpora – a general presentation

2.3. Appropriation of the segmentation workshop

2.4. Some additional thoughts about segmentation

2.5. Perspectives relating to the segmentation workshop

Chapter 3: Description Workshop for Audiovisual Corpora

3.1. A general overview

3.2. The “metadescription” part of an audiovisual analysis in ASW Studio: the mark of the editor’s choice

3.3. The “identifying information of an audiovisual resource” part in the ASW description workshop

Chapter 4: Analysis of Audiovisual Expression

4.1. Introduction

4.2. Analysis of the visual shot

4.3. Analysis of the sound shot

Chapter 5: Analysis of the Audiovisual Content

5.1. Thematic analysis

5.2. A concrete example of the description of a topic

5.3. The model of thematic description

5.4. The objects of thematic analysis

5.5. Procedures of analysis

5.6. The different components of a model of thematic description

5.7. Libraries of models for the description of subjects ...

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