Introduction to Neogeography

Andrew Turner

December 15, 2006


Neogeography combines the complex techniques of cartography and GIS and places them within reach of users and developers.

This Short Cut introduces you to the growing number of tools, frameworks, and resources available that make it easy to create maps and share the locations of your interests and history.

Learn what existing and emerging standards such as GeoRSS, KML, and Microformats mean; how to add dynamic maps and locations to your web site; how to pinpoint the locations of your online visitors; how to create genealogical maps and Google Earth animations of your family's ancestry; or how to geotag and share your travel photographs.

This Short Cut introduces current techniques of online mapping and neogeography. It covers the basic tools for finding out where you are, creating your own maps, and several illustrative projects to get you started and hopefully inspire your own projects.

The code and software examples from this book are available online at This includes a complete listing of the links to sites and resources listed here for easy bookmarking. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions, or want to show off any neat ideas you put together, directly at .

What Is Neogeography?

Cartography enabled and recorded exploration ...

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