chapter 21

Managing Your Financial Assets

As you near the end of your study of investing tools and techniques, which will help you handle your inheritance, you realize that you have covered a number of important topics. However, it sometimes seems that you are seeing the trees, but not the forest. It strikes you that all of this might make more sense if there was a clear framework for thinking about all the issues you need to consider when investing and managing your assets. And, in fact, there is. You can do some financial planning and manage your portfolio in an orderly, sensible manner. By doing this, you see where the various pieces fit, and you are less likely to overlook one or more important issues.

Chapter 21 considers how investors should go about actually planning the management of their financial assets. We consider why and how financial planning should be thought of as an ongoing, systematic process. Having a framework within which to make financial decisions in general, and portfolio decisions in particular, allows investors to be more consistent in managing their portfolios. We also analyze some personal financial planning issues, such as taxes, protection against inflation, potential market returns, the life cycle of investors, and other related issues.


  • Organize the management of your portfolio in a logical, systematic manner.
  • Better understand some personal financial planning issues.
  • Better assess some issues of ...

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