No book is the work of one person. I want to thank my team who made this possible. The lovely Trina MacDonald green lit this title, thus ultimately providing the opportunity you now have to read it. Chris Zahn is my wonderful development editor, and Olivia Basegio makes everything work even when things go wrong.

I send my thanks to the entire Addison-Wesley/Pearson production team, specifically Kristy Hart, Jovana San Nicolas-Shirley, Keith Cline, Sheri Cain, Nonie Ratcliff, and Chuti Prasertsith.

Thanks go as well to Neil Salkind, my agent of many years; to Rich Wardwell, my technical editor; and to my colleagues, both present and former, at TUAW and the other blogs I’ve worked at.

I am deeply indebted to the wide community of ...

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