Application Icons

While running Quiz, select HardwareHome from the simulator’s menu. You will see that Quiz’s icon is a boring, default tile. Let’s give Quiz a better icon.

An application icon is a simple image that represents the application on the iOS Home screen. Different devices require different-sized icons, some of which are shown in Table 1.1.

Table 1.1  Application icon sizes by device

Device Application icon sizes
5.5-inch iPhone

180x180 pixels (@3x)

4.7-inch and 4.0-inch iPhone

120x120 pixels (@2x)

7.9-inch and 9.7-inch iPad

152x152 pixels (@2x)

12.9-inch iPad

167x167 pixels (@2x)

We have prepared an icon image file (size 120x120) for the Quiz application. You can download this ...

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