3D Touch feature, using on iPhone 6s, 7


About option, 49

Access on Lock Screen option, 47

Activity app, using with Apple Watch, 251

Add Call option, 232, 234

AirDrop tool

accessing content, 115

and AirPlay, 61

availability, 114115

enabling and disabling, 113

security precaution, 115

sending content from Share menu, 114

sending images wirelessly, 213

sending photos with, 188

Airplane mode, 19, 3738, 60

AirPlay tool

accessing from Control Center, 116117

showing images on TV, 217

speakers, 116

streaming content, 116117

AirPrint feature, 117118. See also printing

Alarm Clock app, 61


entering for events, 338

setting in Reminders app, 351, 353354

setting with Siri, 82

albums, moving images between, 219

Alert Tones, finding, ...

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