Chapter 6. Calendars and Calculators and Clocks (Voice, Too) — Oh, My

In This Chapter

  • Understanding the calendar's different views and functions

  • Calculating with your iPhone

  • Using the clock as an alarm, a stopwatch, and a timer too

  • Leaving voice reminders

The iPhone is a smartphone. And, as a smart device, it can remind you of appointments, tell you the time where you live (or halfway around the world), and even help you perform arithmetic.

Over the next few pages, we look at four of the iPhone's core — if, frankly, unsexy — apps. Indeed, we'd venture to say that no one bought an iPhone because of its calendar, calculator, clock, or voice recorder. Just the same, it's awfully handy having these programs around.

Calendars and Calculators and Clocks (Voice, Too) — Oh, My

Working with the Calendar

The Calendar program lets you keep on top of your appointments and events (birthdays, anniversaries, and the like). You open it by tapping the Calendar icon on the Home screen. The icon is smart in its own right because it changes daily; the day of the week and date are displayed.

You have three main ways to peek at your calendar: List, Day, and Month views. Choosing one is as simple as tapping on the List, Day, or Month button at the bottom of the Calendar screen. From each view, you can always return to the current day by tapping the Today button.

Take a closer look in the following sections.

List view

List view, shown in Figure 6-1, isn't complicated. As its ...

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