Chapter 1

Buying Your iPhone


Bullet Discover what’s new in iPhones and iOS 13

Bullet Choose the right iPhone for you and find where to buy it

Bullet Understand what you need to use your iPhone

Bullet Explore what’s in the box

Bullet Take a look at the gadget

You’ve read about it. You’ve seen the lines at Apple Stores on the day a new version of the iPhone is released. You’re so intrigued that you’ve decided to get your own iPhone to have a smartphone that offers much more than the ability to make and receive calls. iPhone also offers lots of fun apps, such as games and exercise trackers; allows you to explore the online world; lets you read e-books, magazines, and other periodicals; allows you to take and organize photos and videos; plays music and movies, and a lot more.

Trust me: You’ve made a good decision, because the iPhone redefines the mobile phone experience in an exciting way. It’s also an absolutely perfect fit for seniors.

In this chapter, you learn about the advantages of the iPhone, as ...

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