Chapter 1: How Do I Start Using My iPhone?

When you first look at your iPhone, you notice its sleek, curvaceous design, and then you notice what might be its most remarkable feature: it's nearly button-free! Unlike your garden-variety smartphone bristling with keys and switches and ports, your iPhone has very few physical buttons. This makes for a stylish, possibly even sexy, design, but it also leads to an obvious problem out of the box: How do you work the darn thing? This chapter solves that problem by giving you the grand tour of your iPhone. You learn about the few physical buttons on the phone, and then I show you the real heart of the iPhone, the remarkable touchscreen.

Using the Home Button

Working with the Sleep/Wake Button

Working with the Ring/Silent Switch

Operating the Volume Controls

Getting to Know the Rest of the iPhone

Operating the Touchscreen

Running Your iPhone from the Control Center

Using the Home Button

The starting point for most of your iPhone excursions is the Home button, which is the circular button on the face of the phone at the bottom, as shown in Figure 1.1. The Home button has five main functions:


1.1 Press the Home button to (among other things) leave standby mode or to return to the Home screen.

  • When the iPhone is in standby mode, pressing the Home button wakes the iPhone and displays the unlock screen.
  • When the unlock screen is displayed, ...

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