Chapter 6. Searching for Your Photos

In This Chapter

  • Searching based on photo properties

  • Using complex keyword searches to find photos

  • Making sure you have something to search for

Depending on the size of your iPhoto Library (or libraries; I talk about multiple iPhoto libraries in Chapter 3), you might have a difficult time finding that one photo you're looking for. You can organize your photos in lots of ways so that the iPhoto main window doesn't look so cluttered. (See Chapters 4 and 5.) When you're searching, somewhere within all that organization is the one photo you're looking for. The question is how to find it easily and efficiently.

The good news is that this chapter shows you a number of ways to find what you're looking for — including one I tell you about that isn't really documented.

Searching for Your Photos

The chapter concludes with helping you ensure that you'll always have something to search for. I know you've probably heard that backing up is vital — I'm restating the obvious. But believe me, the exasperation you might feel at having this repeated to you is nothing compared with the feeling of despair and helplessness you'll experience when you search for a photo you cherish only to find out that it has disappeared and is irretrievable.

In this chapter, I first show you some search methods. Then, I deal with backup techniques to keep your precious photos safe.

Using Photo Properties to Narrow Your ...

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