Chapter 3. Entertain Yourself With the iPod Touch

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You’ll learn to:

  • Play music, audiobooks, and podcasts

  • Shoot and edit videos and photos

  • Play games and compete through Game Center

  • Read papers and magazines

  • Get fit with the Nike + iPod Touch exercise program

FROM ITS HUMBLE BEGINNINGS as a boxy little music player in 2001, the iPod has always been about entertainment. Back then, that meant music and maybe an audiobook or two.

Today, the Touch has significantly expanded the iPod’s repertoire, and this chapter shows you the ways. Sure, the Touch still plays music and audiobooks, but it also serves up movies, TV shows, and video podcasts. And your iPod doesn’t just play videos—it shoots them, too, so you’re never without a camcorder with your Touch on hand. The same camera that shoots videos can snap good-quality still photos as well, and you can enhance and crop the images right on your ’Pod.

The Touch is also a handheld videogame console, an ebook reader, a podcast player, and a personal trainer. You’ll learn how to get rolling with all of these features in this chapter, which is all about play. (If you’re looking for work, skip ahead to Chapter 4 to learn about the Touch’s business-like apps, like Contacts and Calendars.)

The Touch is still an iPod, so to jump into your music—a task the device still excels at after all these years—turn the page.

What’s in the Music Menu


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