Chapter 13. What to Do When Your iPod Isn’t Working Right

It’s bound to happen sometime: Your iPod locks up, freaks out, or just isn’t its usual cheerful self. Luckily, you can solve many iPod problems with a button-tap here or a battery charge there. Then your portable ‘Pod life is back to normal.

But your iPod is a mini-computer in its own right, and getting it back in working order might involve more than a button press or two, and maybe even the attention of a technical expert. This chapter explains what to do if your iPod starts acting weird—and where to go if you need more information or can’t fix it yourself.

Apple’s Alphabet: The Five “Rs” of iPod Repair

No matter which iPod model you have, when you’re having trouble and don’t know where to start, take a browser ride to Apple’s iPod support section at (below) to find help guides. However, when you encounter trouble with a Nano, Shuffle, or Classic, Apple suggests first trying its “Five Rs” approach to troubleshooting:

  • Reset your iPod, as explained on the next page.

  • Retry your iPod connection by plugging it into a different USB port on your computer.

  • Restart your computer and check for iPod software updates (Update the iPod’s Software).

  • Reinstall your iPod and iTunes software at

  • Restore your iPod’s software (also explained later in this chapter).

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If you have an iPod Touch, try this set ...

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