Multicast Addresses for SLP over IPv6 (Chapter 9)

Table B-12 lists the multicast addresses that have been defined for SLP over IPv6.

Table B-12. Multicast addresses for SLP over IPv6

Multicast address



Service Agent (SA)

Used for Service Type and Attribute Request Messages.


Directory Agent (DA)

Used by User Agents (UAs) and SAs to discover DAs. Also used by DAs for sending unsolicited DA Advertisement messages.

FF0X:0:0:0:0:0:1:1000 to FF0X:0:0:0:0:0:1:13FF

Service Location

Used by SAs to join the groups that correspond to the Service Types of the services they advertise. The Service Type string is used to determine the corresponding value in the 1000 to 13FF range, which has been assigned by IANA for this purpose. For an explanation of the algorithm used to calculate the group ID, refer to RFC 3111.

The X in FF0X is the placeholder for the multicast scope to be used for this group ID. For instance, 2 is link-local scope and 5 is site-local scope.

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