Chapter 20

Ten Reasons the West Should Pay Attention to Islamic Finance

In This Chapter

arrow Predicting tremendous growth

arrow Recognizing existing demand for sharia-compliant products

arrow Gaining familiarity as Western institutions join the industry ranks

I congratulate you for holding this book in your hands. Some Westerners see the word Islamic and run away as fast as they can. My purpose in writing this book was to boost understanding among Western audiences not only of Islamic finance concepts and products but also of sharia principles and how they govern decisions (including economic decisions) Muslims make. With even a very basic knowledge of these concepts and principles, you can set yourself apart from the pack in a financial industry poised for growth.

This chapter offers ten good ways that your efforts in reading this book can reap long-term dividends — and why you should share your newfound knowledge with others who are working in (or planning to work in) the financial industry.

Islamic and Conventional Finance Can Coexist

Since the tragedy of September 11, 2001, distrust of Islam, sharia law, and Muslims in general has become the norm in some U.S. communities. The media has a habit ...

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