Modifying an Existing Template

Just as you can use Pages’ built-in templates as a starting point for your documents, you can also use them as a springboard for your own custom templates, too. Say that you’re a fan of the Business Letter template’s basic layout, but you want to update it with your company’s logo, change the font, and add a few other tweaks (Figure 10-2). To do that, you create a new document from the template, make your changes, and then save it as a new template:

  1. Create a new document from the template to modify.

    Choose File → New from Template Chooser, and open the Business Letter template.

  2. Change the logo.

    Drop your company logo into the placeholder at the top of the page and adjust its size and placement.

  3. Move the logo, company name, and address from the master layer and back into the mix of “normal” objects. Doing this prevents them from showing up on subsequent pages if your letter runs over one page.

    Select the logo, and then Shift-click the company name and return address. The solid blue selection handles around the logo and text boxes indicate their master object status. Choose Format → Advanced → Move Objects to Page. (For more about master objects, see Repeating elements with master objects.)

  4. Update the company name and return address if necessary.

    The template uses sender fields to automatically fill in the work address from your card in the Address Book program (see In Your Own Words). To change it to use your home address, for example, open the Link Inspector’s ...

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