Chapter 29. Keynote for iCloud

It’s a sad fact of life that inspiration strikes at the most inconvenient moments: when you’re at the dry cleaner’s, waiting in line at the post office, or wrestling a shark on the rim of an erupting volcano. When you finally settle down at your Mac with a fresh cup of coffee, tingling with anticipation at the thought of creating a Keynote presentation, inspiration is often nowhere to be found.

After wrestling a few half-decent slides out of your uncooperative gray matter, you head out on some mundane errand (like picking up the dry cleaning or checking that the perimeter is secured against zombies) and bam—inspiration strikes and you know exactly how to phrase that awkward bullet point on slide 72. Of course, by the time you’re back at your computer, you can’t quite recall the exact phrasing…

With Keynote for iCloud, rather than risking that perfect bullet point slipping through your fingers, you can borrow your buddy’s MacBook or use Uncle Frank’s PC, launch a compatible web browser (see Getting Started with iWork for iCloud), log into (Accessing Pages for iCloud), and the presentation you were working on in Keynote for iCloud is waiting for you. You make some changes, and then when you get home and hop on your Mac, those changes are reflected there, too. Handy!

Keynote for iCloud ensures that you can access all your presentations all the time. But what makes iCloud extra special is that it can actually link the version of Keynote that’s ...

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