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Alexandru Jecan, Java 9 Modularity Revealed, https://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-2713-8_8

8. Migration

Alexandru Jecan

(1)Munich, Germany

This chapter covers key concepts and tools used to ease migration to JDK 9. It covers common issues that can occur when we migrate existing Java applications to JDK 9 and suggests solutions and tips for solving migration problems.

First, why do we need migration? The answer is obvious: without migrating to JDK 9, we can’t use the powerful features introduced by Jigsaw, nor can we use the other features introduced in Java 9 by the other JEPs, like the following:

  • The Java Shell

  • The updates in the Process API

  • The HTTP 2 client

  • The Stack-Walking API

  • The Platform Logging API

  • The multi-release JAR files ...

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