Configuring a PersistenceManagerFactory

A PersistenceManagerFactory has a number of properties you can use to configure a PersistenceManager. You should initialize these property values when the PersistenceManagerFactory is first created via the JDOHelper interface. Once you have constructed a PersistenceManagerFactory with the necessary property values, you call getPersistenceManager( ) to construct a PersistenceManager instance. The values of the properties in the PersistenceManagerFactory instance become the default settings for the properties in all the PersistenceManager instances created by the factory.

To create a PersistenceManagerFactory, initialize a Properties instance and pass it as a parameter to one of the following JDOHelper methods:

public static PersistenceManagerFactory
                    getPersistenceManagerFactory(Properties props, ClassLoader cl);
public static PersistenceManagerFactory
                    getPersistenceManagerFactory(Properties props);

The second method, without a ClassLoader parameter, uses the ClassLoader in the calling thread’s current context to resolve the class name.

Table 7-1 lists the keys that you can specify in the Properties object to initialize the PersistenceManagerFactory. A JDO implementation may have some of its own additional properties that are necessary. Such vendor-specific properties should not have the javax.jdo.option prefix; instead, they should use a prefix that identifies the specific implementation.

Table 7-1. Standard property keys used to initialize a ...

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