<simpleType> datatypes, <types> Element
@conversation tag, The Java Web Service (JWS) Standard
@operation tag, The Java Web Service (JWS) Standard


abstraction APIs, An Abstraction API
access point URLs, Programming UDDI
<accessPoint>, Getting More Detail
actor, SOAP Intermediaries and Actors
<actor> element, Digital Signature Extensions to SOAP
addAttachmentPart( ), Adding MIME attachments
addName( ), Using Systinet’s UDDI Java API
addTextNode( ), Adding content to the message
<add_publisherAssertions> message, Publishing to a UDDI Registry
Apache Axis, JAX-RPC
Apache SOAP, Message-Based Document Exchange and RPC
declareNamespace( ), Finding a Business
encoding, Encoding
error handling, Error Handling with SOAP Faults
Fault object, Error Handling with SOAP Faults
mustUnderstand attribute, absence of support for, mustUnderstand
routing service, The Apache SOAP Routing Service, The SOAP-Aware Servlet Becomes a Message Router
SOAP-RPC, The SOAP-RPC Sender—Remote Service
Version 2.2., EchoTestClient, Understanding the Echo Test, The server
Apache Tomcat, Sending and Receiving SOAP Messages
default port, The Apache TunnelGui Application
JAXR, as required client for, Using JAXR
Apache TunnelGUI, The Apache TunnelGui Application
abstraction APIs, An Abstraction API
Envelope API, The SOAP Package
inquiry and Publishing, Programming UDDI
SOAPElement, SOAPElement API
UDDI access, Java-based, Java-Based APIs, What About the Rest of the Publishing API?
UDDI programmers, for, UDDI Specifications

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