Answers to Self Tests
Chapter 1: Introduction to JavaScript
  1.  C. HTML
  2.  A. A Web browser
  3.  C. JavaScript
  4.  B. False
  5.  C. ECMAScript
  6.  A. True
  7.  C. LiveScript
  8.  A. prototype-based
  9.  B. client
10.  B. It can validate the information before it is sent to the server.
11.  C. scripting
12.  A. True
13.  D. The client/Web browser
14.  D. It is added to an HTML document.
15.  A. <script> and </script> HTML tags
Chapter 2: Placing JavaScript in an HTML File
  1.  D. All of the above
  2.  B. To ensure the Web page validates when using XHTML
  3.  A. Yes
  4.  The noscript tag provides content for those without JavaScript.
  5.  A. .js
  6.  B. <script type= “text/javascript” src=“yourfile.js”></script>

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