4. Working with Images

In This Chapter

Creating Rollovers 83

Creating More Effective Rollovers 85

Building Three-State Rollovers 91

Triggering Rollovers from a Link 93

Making Multiple Links Change a Single Rollover 96

Working with Multiple Rollovers 99

Creating Cycling Banners 104

Adding Links to Cycling Banners 106

Building Wraparound Slideshows 108

Displaying a Random Image 111

Cycling Images with a Random Start 113

One of the best (and most common) uses of JavaScript is to add visual interest to Web pages by animating graphics, and that’s what this chapter is all about. Making an image on a Web page change when the user moves the mouse over the image, thereby making the page react to the user, is one of the most common—and effective—tricks ...

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