AAPL (Apple Computer), 128-129

ABS function, 109

Access, 16

actual volatility of S&P 500 index, 53-54

aligning records by date

AlignMultipleTickers() function, 85-89

AlignRecords() functions, 76-77

AlignRecordsComplete() function, 80-82

correctly aligned records for two tickers, 74-76

flagged date alignments, 71-72

handling ascending and descending dates, 80-83

record consistency verification with date checksum, 69-70

RemoveSpaces() function, 78-79

removing unmatched records after date alignment, 78

AlignMultipleTickers() function, 85-89

AlignRecords() function, 76-77

AlignRecordsComplete() function, 80-82 price change model

column descriptions for sample experiment, 163-166

conditional and logical expressions to evaluate successive ...

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