4Harvesting Benefits and Extensibility

A unique aspect about working with BI data is that often subtle opportunities arise yielding benefits. Harvesting those benefits collectively across the enterprise raises a firm's competitive advantages.



Taking the case study in Chapter 3 as an example, over the course of monitoring the car door stamping machine's performance and reliability for three months, fine-tuning and making adjustments, it was found that the OEE was still short of its goal, yet did not exceed control limits on the control chart. Meeting with engineers and operators and discovering assigned causes for investigation such as external factors impacting the line allows for attaining a resolution to the problem. The run-time known as end time subtracted from the start time was graphed, indicating the variation above the specified best practice time for each day's production cycle. To put the variance into perspective for management, the excess hours over the course of three months was equated to full-time equivalents (FTEs). If the machinery required 25 machine operators in the room, the extended run-time hours were due to factors such as upstream or downstream production holdups, or glitches taking place in the production room with the machine. Based on empirical work study, there was a total of one FTE spent on over run-time ...

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