To create the Latest News module, go to Extensions images Module Manager, click on New and choose Latest News from the list of modules. You should be put into an editing screen similar to the one shown in Figure 19-1.



On the left side of the screen, set the title to Latest News, set Show Title to Yes, set Enabled to Yes, and set Position to right. At the bottom of the left side, click the Select Menu Items From List option and choose the home page from the Utility Menu.

images Remember that all modules have the same configuration options on the left side of the screen. These are covered in detail in Lesson 18 if you need more information about setting up these options.

Click the Apply button to save the settings so far, and take a look at the home page of your website. You should see something similar to Figure 19-2.

Your list of articles may be different than mine, depending on the order in which you added them to the site. Personally, I don't find this list very helpful, because it includes links like Contact Us and Resources as Latest News. Let's look more closely at the module settings in the back end of Joomla, and we can make this ...

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