If you have multiple contacts and wish to display a list of options, it's possible to do that as well. Right now, we have only one contact in our category. I will create a second contact, Samara Ames, who is the school's administrative assistant. If you need help creating a contact, refer to the section “Creating a Contact” in this chapter. Assign Samara to the Fictitious Elementary School category.

Now go to Menus images Utility Menu. Click the New button to create a new menu item. Click Contacts to select the type of item, and then choose the Contact Category Layout option (see Figure 24-11).

FIGURE 24-11


Once you have chosen this option, you should see a configuration screen, as shown in Figure 24-12.

FIGURE 24-12


On the left side of the screen, set the title to Contact Us. (Yes, that means we'll have two Contact Us links on the site, but we'll unpublish the first one in just a minute.)

On the right side of the screen, you'll see some configuration options:

  • Select Category: Select the Fictitious Elementary School option from the dropdown.
  • # Links: This indicates how many contact links should show on a page. As we have only two contacts, leave ...

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