Now that you have created content just for registered users, you need to give those registered users a way to log into the site.

The login box is available as a module, which you may assign to any module position on your website. In this section, we will create the login box and assign it to the left position on the home page of the website.

To do so, go to Extensions images Module Manager, click the New button, and choose Login from the list of new module options. You should then see a configuration screen similar to Figure 32-4.



As with modules you have previously configured (see the lessons in Part V), the left side of the screen contains the same options shown previously. For Title, enter “PTC Board Login.” Set the title to show, and assign this module to the left side of the page on the home page only. There are options you can configure on the right side of the screen, but for the moment we will leave these blank.

images Why don't we set the login box to Registered for the access level? Isn't this login used by registered users?

Think carefully about the login box. This is how users present their credentials for accessing the registered user portion ...

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