Chapter 24. Creating a Community Site with JomSocial


  • Introducing JomSocial

  • Obtaining and installing JomSocial

  • Overview of the JomSocial control panel

  • Configuring JomSocial

  • Administering the community

Social networking and Web 2.0 functionality are two of the most significant trends in web site development in the last few years. The basic Joomla! system provides little in the way of true social networking functionality. JomSocial, a commercial extension to the Joomla! system, has stepped in to fill the gap with a powerful and extensible suite of extensions that enable you to turn a basic Joomla! site into a full-featured social networking site.

JomSocial comes with a large number of modules and plugins and a fairly complex presentation. Configuration of the site's many options can be challenging and time-consuming. This chapter looks at what's involved in obtaining and installing JomSocial, and then steps you through the basics of configuring a JomSocial site.

Introducing JomSocial

JomSocial is a complex extension for Joomla! comprised of a number of elements that provide an assortment of functionalities typically associated with creating a social networking Web site. By installing JomSocial on your existing Joomla! site, you can offer site visitors a full range of social networking tools and activities, thereby greatly enhancing the interactivity and stickiness of your site. Figure 24.1 shows the front end of the basic JomSocial package.

Figure 24.1. The front end of the basic ...

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