Chapter 1. Introduction to jQuery UI

jQuery UI is a set of plug-ins for jQuery that add new functionalities to the jQuery core library. In this chapter, we will install the jQuery UI library and briefly examine its content. The following chapters will detail each of the jQuery UI features.

jQuery UI Installation

You can download the library at Click the Stable link. This leads directly to a ZIP file containing the sources, examples, and documentation for jQuery UI. Once the file is downloaded, transfer the contents to a jqueryui directory.

This jqueryui directory now contains the following:

  • A css subdirectory containing the CSS files associated with jQuery UI. You will see that jQuery UI handles CSS themes to give a custom look to the interface elements it manages. For example, the display of sliders may be different from one theme to another, as well as other items like calendars and tabs.

  • A js subdirectory containing the JavaScript files for jQuery UI. This directory contains a compressed file of all jQuery UI features and the jQuery library file.

  • A development-bundle subdirectory containing various subdirectories—demos (jQuery UI sample files), docs (files containing the jQuery UI documentation), themes (files for each of the CSS themes associated with jQuery UI), and ui (jQuery UI JavaScript files).

  • An index.html file that allows you to view some of the features of jQuery UI in a browser.

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