Chapter 8Conclusion

As this book has guided you through the uses of Git, the focus has been on using it to manage a codebase. This is the most common use for Git, but certainly not the only one. In this concluding chapter, I’d like to discuss Git's meteoric rise, and then give you a glimpse of other innovative uses of Git, as well as its limitations, alternatives to Git, and what the future holds.

Git’s Meteoric Rise

Back in 2009, over 57.5% of repositories used Subversion, whereas Git only had a 2.4% share of the SCM market, according to the Eclipse Community Survey. In 2014, the same Eclipse Community Survey showed that Git (at 33.3% market share) had surpassed Subversion (30.7%), as shown in (Figure 8.1). It’s true that the figures ...

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