Chapter 23. Relational Databases and SQL

  • Introduction to Relational Databases

  • Primary and Foreign Keys

  • Relationships

  • Normal Forms

  • Relational Database Glossary

  • Download and Install Mckoi

  • Basic SQL Primer

  • Creating and Populating Tables

  • Querying and Retrieving Data

  • Subquery Selections

  • Result Set of a SELECT Query

  • Updating Values

  • Deleting Records and Tables

  • SQL Prepared Statements and Stored Procedures

  • Exercises

  • Some Light Relief—Reading the Docs

In the first half of this chapter we'll look at the most widely used kind of database, the relational database. We'll examine the model for using it, and we'll introduce some of the special terms that database experts use. We will work through a couple of small examples to show the ...

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