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Just Spring Data Access by Madhusudhan Konda

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There are two different worlds: the world where none other than objects are known, and the world where data is represented in a traditional row-column format. Bringing these two worlds together is always a cumbersome task, and many times is asking for trouble. However, we have no option: they must work together!

We have JDBC to some extent, but the intricacies and complexities of persistence of Java objects to a relational databases was still a greater challenge. The Object Relational Mapping frameworks—Hibernate being the most popular open source framework—has taken away a lot of pain and grief from the developer. Spring framework has gone one more step further to simplify the usage even further.

This book in an attempt in bringing the framework closer to the developer. With simple and plain language, along with easy to understand examples, this book covers just the required bits for data access in a Java world.

This book covers JDBC, Hibernate, JPA, and JDO, as well as Spring’s take on these technologies.

My goal is to deliver simple, straight-to-the-point explanations with intuitive, example-driven, engaging books! If you pick up the book, you should finish it in a day or two at most!

I sincerely believe that one will gain adequate knowledge and ammunition after reading this book.

One would require the basic understanding of Java and Spring Framework as a prerequisite to this book. I am expecting you to enjoy this simple read. Please do get in touch even if you are unsatisfied with my writings.

If you are in London, ping me (and perhaps buy me a coffee) for a meetup. Additionally, I am easily accessible via email () or via Twitter (@mkonda007).

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We appreciate, but do not require, attribution. An attribution usually includes the title, author, publisher, and ISBN. For example: “Just Spring Data Access by Madhusudhan Konda (O’Reilly). Copyright 2012 Madhusudhan Konda, 978-1-449-32838-2.”

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I sincerely wish to thank my editors, Mike Loukides and Meghan Blanchette, and to all of those at O’Reilly, especially Iris Febres for helping shape this book.

I also sincerely express my deepest gratitude to Greg Turnquist for his guidance throughout the project.

A big thanks to goes to my family, especially to my loving wife, Jeannette, for being very patient and supportive. Also to my loving five-year-old son, Joshua, who sacrificed his free time, allowing me to write when I explained to him what I was doing in return for a trip to Disneyland!

I also thank my family in India for their wonderful support and love.

This book was written in memory of my loving Dad—we all miss you, Dad!

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