Note: Page numbers followed by “f” refer to figures


“0-cut” keys, 34–37
highly-magnified view of, 37, 37f, 38f
machine to produce, 35f
“9-9-9” key, See Bump keys


Abloy company, 151
Alarm system and door entry sensor, 14
Anti-bump pin, 168–169, 168f
Anti-pick driver pins, 62–63, 63f
ASSA Desmo key, 118f
AXA bicycle lock, 182, 183f, 184, 185f, 186f


Bitting codes, of master-keys, 123, 124f, 132f, 133f, 138f
Bitting values
of Ilco UltraCode machine, 231f
of standard cutting method, 231f
Blank key, See under Impressioning
Blaze, Matt, 122, 151
Blind code, 227–228
Breakaway shackle, 193
Bump keys, 34–35, 156–171
bitting positions, 157f
bump-resistant and bump-proof locks, 167–169
high-security locks and, 167
making of, 157–159
“pull” bump ...

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