Note: Page numbers followed by f indicates figures.


acetone, 75f

acrylic sheet, 178f

adhesive. See also glue gun; tape; thread lock

carpenter’s glue, 339f

epoxy for plastic and metal, 182f

J-B Weld, 120f

marine adhesive, 339f

metal/wood epoxy, 76f

spray adhesive, 13

super-strength epoxy, 123

Allen bolt, 122

Allen wrench, 182f, 265f

aluminum, angle (L-shaped), 6, 11f, 62f, 225f

aluminum bar

rectangular, 62f, 71f, 120f, 169f, 177f, 178f

round, 71f, 178f

aluminum cane, 158f

aluminum, channel, 122, 224f

aluminum plate, 159f

aluminum snap handles, 309f

aluminum tube

rectangular, 169f, 224f, 280f

round, 71f, 120f, 121, 178f, 227f, 259f, 260f

anchors, 23f

angle dolly track. See Thieves’ Highway angle dolly track

angle (L-shaped) aluminum, ...

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