LabVIEW Signal Processing

Book description

Get results fast, with LabVIEW Signal Processing!

This practical guide to LabVIEW Signal Processing and control system capabilities is designed to help you get results fast. You'll understand LabVIEW's extensive analysis capabilities and learn to identify and use the best LabVIEW tool for each application. You'll review classical DSP and other essential topics, including control system theory, curve fitting, and linear algebra.

Along the way, you'll use LabVIEW's tools to construct practical applications that illuminate:

  • Arbitrary waveform generation.

  • Aliasing, signal separation, and their effects.

  • The separation of two signals close in frequency but differing in amplitudes.

  • Predicting the cost of producing a product in multiple quantities.

  • Noise removal in biomedical applications.

  • Determination of system stability and design linear state feedback.

  • The accompanying website contains the complete LabVIEW FDS evaluation version, including analysis library, relevant elements of the G Math Toolkit, and complete demos of several other important products, including the Digital Filter Design Toolkit and the Signal Processing Suite.

    Whether you're a professional or student, LabVIEW represents an extraordinary opportunity to streamline signal processing and control systems projects--and this book is all you need to get started.

    Product information

    • Title: LabVIEW Signal Processing
    • Author(s): Michael Cerna, Abhay R. Samant, Mahesh L. Chugani
    • Release date: June 1998
    • Publisher(s): Pearson
    • ISBN: 9780132442534