Anisotropic crystal, light propagation in, 1

allowed directions of D and E in anisotropic medium, 9

directions of D and E for slow and fast waves, 12

directions of E and S, 29

double refraction/optic axes, 21

expressions for components of d in terms of angles θ, ϕ and Ω, 24

principal axes/principal planes, 33

propagation along principal axes X, Y and Z, 34

propagation along principal plane XY, 41

propagation along principal plane YZ, 35

propagation along principal plane ZX, 38

summary of cases of propagation along principal planes, 44

principal coordinate axes, 6

principal refractive indices, 7

propagation equation in presence of walk-off, 54

relating angle δ to Ω, θ and ϕ, 27

slow/fast waves

components of ds and df, 17

ns and nf, ...

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