What Is Nuclear Fuel?

Have you ever experienced a Disney theme park? I remember my first time, as a young kid. My family took a road trip down to Florida to visit my grandparents. Disney World was one of our stops.

I'd dreamed fondly of that day. And when it arrived, I wasn't let down. I entered another world that engaged me at every level. It was a magical experience.

Later, as an adult, I learned what went into creating Disney World: a massive cast, an underground city, and a sophisticated orchestration of technology. These elements together produced the ultimate experience for “children of all ages.”

A herculean effort went into the creation of Disney World. In 1963, Walt Disney set out to build the world's most advanced theme park in an obscure location in central Florida.

“For the grand vision to succeed, Disney examined lessons learned from the past and committed to avoiding them in the future,” explained Chad Denver Emerson in his book Project Future.1 “In the end, Disney's quest for a Florida project would be built less on pixie dust than on a determined, clever effort to turn an isolated piece of central Florida into one of the world's leading tourist destinations.”

Legend has it that Walt Disney lived by this simple mantra: “Dream, Believe, Dare, Do.” He was also known for saying, “You can design and create and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.”

And Disney executed perfectly, resulting in the world's most popular ...

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