Accountability: focusing on less-critical issues can affect, 155; own your decisions, 142; Xerox's customer ownership mentality and, 77

Advisors. See Network of advisors

After-action review, 113

Amazon: “outside-insider” mentality of, 7475, 165166; revolutionary retail approach of, 3; unique performance metrics used by, 75

American Express, 10, 165

Apple Computer: competitor's dismissal of iPhone of, 77; how Jobs's curiosity benefited, 86; Jobs's work to create a strong team at, 148; Macintosh team at, 910; Microsoft's competition with, 53; revitalization under Steve Jobs, 9, 15; Samsung's competition with, 87; seizing on Xerox's failure to act, 26; short-cycle reviews of progress conducted at, 109; Steve Jobs's founding and leadership ...

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