Accountability sessions, 56

Advocate solutions

action plan and timeline, 95

current state, 93

future state, 95

ideas and opportunities, 93

initiative actions and outcomes, 96–98

key measures of success, 95

macro sale process success metrics, 96

objective and scope, 93

problem or opportunity statement, 92–93

request for proposal (RFP) CSM, 94

A3 outline

advocate solutions, 92–98

direction and decision, 98–103

macro sales process, 76–79

new customers, 85–89

potential clients and customers, 79–85

trusting relationship, 89–92

A3 Report, 67, 68

Bell-shaped normal distribution curve, 10

BHAGs. See Big Hairy Audacious Goals

Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGs), 115

Blitzes, Kaizen, 22

Change over time (C/O), 66

Change Time Plot, 59

Christensen, ...

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