Chapter 4

Defining Your Transformation Objectives

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding the need for transformation

arrow Identifying your breakthrough objectives

arrow Putting together a Transformation Charter

In transforming an organisation, you’re looking to achieve something specific and substantial. This transformation can mean switching focus from one market sector to another, entering an entirely new market, streamlining the organisation, or performing at a previously unprecedented level.

Throughout this book we focus on business transformation through Lean Six Sigma. Whilst this focus doesn’t preclude any of the above types of transformation, it does tend to focus effort on transforming business performance in some meaningful way. The best starting point is to have one clear corporate objective (or at most a couple) that is fundamental to sustained future success. That objective has to be established with and agreed among key stakeholders; it also has to be set out in an unambiguous way to communicate the key points to everyone involved in the transformation process. The Transformation Charter is an appropriate way to communicate this information (see the later section ‘Creating a Transformation ...

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