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Mark Conway Munro, Learn FileMaker Pro 16, https://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-2863-0_18

18. Container Functions

Mark Conway Munro

(1)Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, USA

Container functions are used to analyze, manipulate, and report about data in container fields.

Container Function Reference

FileMaker provides the following built-in container functions:

  • Base64Decode

  • Base64Encode

  • Base64EncodeRFC

  • GetContainerAttribute

  • GetHeight

  • GetThumbnail

  • GetWidth

  • VerifyContainer


The Base64Decode function converts Base64 encoded text into its original content: either text or container data. Since Base64 format does not preserve the file name or extension, these can be included as an optional parameter.

Base64 is a group ...

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