Exercise 49. Making Sentences

What we should be able to get from our little game lexicon scanner is an array that looks like this:

Exercise 49 Ruby Session

>> require './ex48/lexicon.rb' => true >> Lexicon.scan("go north") => [["verb", "go"], ["direction", "north"]] >> Lexicon.scan("kill the princess") => [["verb", "kill"], ["stop", "the"], ["noun", "princess"]] >> Lexicon.scan("eat the bear") => [["verb", "eat"], ["stop", "the"], ["noun", "bear"]] >> Lexicon.scan("open the door and smack the bear in the nose") => [["error", "open"], ["stop", "the"], ["error", "door"], ["error", "and"],     ["error", "smack"], ["stop", "the"], ["noun", "bear"], ["stop", "in"],     ["stop", "the"], ["error", "nose"]]

Now let us turn ...

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