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Adam Sinicki, Learn Unity for Android Game Development, https://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-4842-2704-6_6

6. Adding Animations, Effects, and a HUD

Adam Sinicki

(1)Guildford, Surrey, UK

Okay, so I am aware that we are now six chapters into the book and at this point we still haven’t actually touched an Android phone! That’s the irony of coding with a desktop IDE, but don’t worry if you’re feeling impatient—in the very next chapter you’ll get to try deploying your game on an actual Android phone or tablet. For now, though, we’re going to add a few more touches that will give us the foundations for our future game development—touches like animations, particle effects, and a heads up display (HUD). When we get to Chapter 7, it will make ...

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